Creative Brief

Tony Cruz is an influential photographer and videographer specializing in surf culture. His imagery balances rich colors with visual depth through gorgeous layers. Like most artists, Tony’s art is a direct extension of his personality and lifestyle. Tony’s intellectual depth, both in his art and his personality, was the core tenant upon which I framed his visual identity.

The visual identity system was crafted to emote feelings of the sea while escaping the narrow preconceptions associated with surf brands. The word “depth” comes to my mind when describing Tony and his ethereal imagery. Throughout the branding process, this word became a reference-point to which we often returned.

The iconic symbol is designed for timeless relevance. The brand mark depicts a circle intersected by three lines to communicate a sense of depth. It is not unlike a sign at the ocean to instruct swimmers of deep water. One requirement for the project was that the brand be flexible enough to evolve with the artist himself. By maintaining visual simplicity, the brand identity stands firmly while allowing the artist room for growth.


Color Inverse

Brand Colors




Brand Stationary

Business Cards

“Earlier this year, I worked with Seth Addison to help conceive and create my personal brand. I really had no idea what to expect, but I knew of Seth’s work and couldn’t see myself working with anybody else. Seth led me through a number of very helpful brand discovery sessions, and presented various identity alternatives that were outstanding. We ultimately landed on an identity that I’m extremely proud of. I definitely recommend working with Seth!”

Tony Cruz