Creative Brief

Dusty Baker Real Estate is a full-service, luxury real estate and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including single-family residential, and new development. The brand was founded by Dusty Baker, who is widely recognized as one of Santa Barbara’s leading real estate agents. When Dusty Baker approached me, his business was thriving but required a more cohesive brand strategy to help propel long-term brand awareness and growth.

The Real Estate industry is notorious for it’s general lack of clear messaging and creativity. Dusty Baker hired me to break the mold and redefine how a luxury realtor presents himself. The challenge was to conceive and implement a visual identity that communicated customer service, real estate, and luxury. The final visual identity leverages a common symbol that already embodies these general concepts. A symbol that is simple enough for a child to grasp, yet sophisticated enough to resonated with a luxury buyer. The result was an elegant door key with the initials DB doubling as the handle.

To help customers associate Dusty Baker with his parent brokerage, we chose to use the official Keller Williams brand red. Since red is the first color the human eye sees, Dusty can be sure that his branding won’t be missed. The candy apple red is balanced with a complementary navy blue and bright white. All together, the color palette exudes a casual confidence, much like Dusty himself.



Dusty Baker Real Estate Logo Design

Brand Colors

Candy Apple Red

Navy Blue

Bright White

Brand Stationary

Dusty Baker Real Estate Branding By Seth Addison

Business Cards

Dusty Baker Business Cards By Seth Addison

Presentation Folders

Dusty Baker Real Estate Folders

“The most important thing you need when bringing on a branding consultant is that they “get it.” From the first meeting I had with Seth, I knew he got it. He is truly a master of his trade – luckily for me, his trade is bringing value to my business. The brand identity has done so many things for me. Firstly, my marketing is consistent. Secondly, my message is to the point and clean. Finally, my business has been analyzed and a solid foundation for the future has been set. All of this combined has brought credibility to my business in the eyes of both clients and colleagues. Since launching my new branding, my sales have more than doubled. I am very thankful for everything Seth has provided.”

Dusty Baker