Creative Brief

Dietrich is a premium finish carpentry company like none other. Their attention to detail, commitment to extraordinary quality, and loving care for their customers are head and shoulders above the competition. Dietrich has built a new approach to finish carpentry that is more like a concierge than a contractor. It was clear that Dietrich’s corporate identity wasn’t going to look anything like your average construction business.

Throughout our brand development sessions, I collaborated closely with Dietrich’s founder, Stephen Berg, to help translate his raw passion into an actionable strategy. This strategic platform included a brand messaging statement, brand values, and a collection of key brand words. This brand strategy then inspired our approach when it came to the new logo.

The Dietrich brand symbol, a regal horse, was designed to express the company’s dedication to tradition, service, and old-fashioned hard work. The logotype is set in Didot, a typeface with a long history of tradition and precision. These key brand assets are paired with a color palette of cobalt blue and gold foil. The new Dietrich corporate identity is far more than just a new “look and feel”. The identity is a visual system that allows the company to reach luxury homeowners that share a common interest in uncompromising quality.


Dietrich Logo By Seth Addison


Dietrich Logo By Seth Addison

Brand Colors

Gold Foil

Cobalt Blue

Shark Fin

Business Cards

Dietrich Gold Foil Business Cards


Dietrich Gold Foil Envelopes


Dietrich Gold Foil Letterhead

Presentation Folder

Dietrich Gold Foil Folder

“Seth’s gifting in and guidance through the branding process surpassed my highest expectations. It is rare to work with someone of his level of talent and personal character. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.”

Stephen Berg