Creative Brief

Anna J is an artful wedding photographer known for her elegant and minimalistic style. Born, raised, and educated in Berlin, Anna’s modern approach to photography pays homage to creative giants such as Herbert Matter and Josef Müller-Brockmann. After moving across the pond to California, Anna hired me to design a visual identity system that would unite her German photographic style with her warm and infectious personality.

As the cornerstone of Anna’s visual identity, the logo is an intriguing monogram that interlinks an A with a J in a smart and functional fashion. The elegant logo was inspired by Anna’s creative and angular use of light, space, and shadows. Two variations of the icon were developed to allow for ease of use across various print and digital mediums. The visual identity was then extended to include a fresh color palette and an unobtrusive sans-serif typeface. For the primary typeface, I selected and customized Neutraface, an clear and legible font that compliments Anna’s geometric style.

In total, the visual identity system includes a logo, business card, letterhead, envelopes, compact discs, and website. Beyond the visual assets, I also worked with Anna to create a brand positioning strategy to help translate her European aesthetic to the American market. Since launching the visual identity, Anna J’s photography brand has grown by leaps and bounds.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Brand Colors

Seafoam Green

Shark Fin Gray

Smoke Gray

Business Cards

Anna J Business Cards



“Even before working together, Seth and I shared an appreciation for simple and clear design. Having moved my business from Germany to the United States last year, I needed to realign my brand strategy to the American market. When it came time to re-brand, I knew Seth was definitely the right professional for me. Seth is a truly gifted brand identity designer, and his passion is contagious. Since working with Seth, my business has grown by leaps and bounds.”

Anna J