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What is a brand?

A brand is not just a logo, or a product, or a corporate culture. One can think of a brand as the reputation of a business. It is the way someone feels when they hear a business’ name on a busy street. Like any reputation, a brand is developed over time. A strong brand is earned. A brand can be an invaluable asset to the success of any business. A brand helps a business stand out in a densely crowded market. Over time, customers fall in love with brands, trust them, and defend their superiority. The perception of a brand will contribute to it’s success, regardless of whether it’s a startup, a non-profit, or a product.

What is branding?

Branding is the set of creative and strategic disciplines used to build the awareness, distinction, and loyalty of a brand. Due to it’s holistic nature, branding projects require the support and participation of senior leadership. The branding process often includes the creation of the brand name, logo, corporate identity system, product packaging, website, and key brand messaging. The result is a comprehensive system of multiple parts articulating one clear message.

Why invest in brand identity?

There are many reasons to invest in brand identity. First, branding makes your business more desirable. A strong brand identity will position a company or product with an recognizable and distinctive image. This image, or “identity”, helps manage the perception of a company and differentiates it from the competition. The identity compels customers to understand and trust you. Second, branding increases the value of your business exponentially over time. A brand is considered to be one of a company’s most valuable assets. Like interest in a bank account, your brand will continue to accrue value. This precious asset will steer and support your business.

What is the branding process?

The brand identity process includes research, strategy, design, and implementation. During the initial research phase, we seek to clarify the overall vision, goals, and values of the business. This is accomplished through brand discovery interviews wherein we evaluate your existing structure. Insights are then used as ingredients in the brand strategy. Armed with a clear and concise brand strategy, we design the corporate visual identity with a distinct focus on creating lasting brand awareness, distinction, and customer loyalty. Finally, the visual identity is implemented throughout all necessary brand collateral such as the business card, website, and product packaging.